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Manually enter Inquiries and Report losses via the Internet
A service provided over the Internet that allows users to inquire on securities or to report lost securities directly to SIC® on a real time basis. In the financial securities industry, instant communication is vital and it's with that goal in mind that LSEG offers this web based tool. All registered members of the Lost and Stolen Securities Program can submit their reports directly to the database and receive confirmation of the transaction immediately.

Automate Inquiries and Reports via a data feed

SIC®'s electronic reporting and inquiry services alleviate the burden of submitting requests manually through our website, freeing up valuable time for customers to focus efforts on other business critical functions. SIC®'s electronic services fully automate the submission of data to our database and can be seamlessly integrated into your work-flow. It's the most efficient and accurate method to query, or add, information to the SIC® database. Using automation mitigates risks inherent with human error, enables customers to submit large batches of inquiries or reports in a fraction of the time it would take for web entry, and eliminates the printing of confirmations.

The migration to electronic files consists of three main changes: 1) code development to extract inquiries or reports to a proprietary format, 2) automation of file transfer to/from SIC®, and 3) code development to scan the confirmation file for 'hit' details or to verify reports were processed successfully.

SIC® has worked closely with many software providers to include functionality within their applications that is capable of generating files in SIC®'s proprietary format. If you're using a third-party application, SIC® would gladly work on your behalf with the vendor to ease the transition to electronic services.

Please contact the SIC® Customer Services team if you are interested in hearing more about this option.