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Billing information

SIC® Billing Schedule for July - December 2023
Your usage allocation comes from the Category you have registered in.

CategoryClassificationYour Firm's Usage Allocation
BankOver $1 billion$ 59,140.40
Bank$500 million to $1 billion$ 31,403.55
BankLess than $500 million$   1,301.09
Broker/DealerOver $25 million$ 59,140.40
Broker/Dealer$5 million to $25 million$ 42,758.51
Broker/Dealer$500 thousand to $5 million$  9,225.90
Broker/DealerLess than $500 thousand$   2,483.90
Transfer AgentIssued 100,000 shares or more last year$   2,247.34
Transfer AgentIssued less than 100,000 shares last year$   1,301.09
  • The amount of your invoice is not related to how much your firm has, or has not, used the program in the past six months. Instead, your invoice is based on the size and type of institution that you selected when you registered with our program. The total usage for the six month period is spread across all Direct registered members based on what category your selections indicated.