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STP and Cancelled Certificates

Benefits to Transfer Agents

There are many benefits to Transfer Agents by adding all of your stops to the SIC® database. As we add all stops to the database in the near future you will see an increase in your invoice. However, this is only in the short term and in doing so you will be creating a long term solution for the industry. By having this solution in place you will be providing better service to your issuers as well as to retail clients.

  • Insurance against possible theft from certificate storage facilities or in route to certificate destruction facilities.
  • Help alleviate escalating costs of certificate storage.
  • In the event of a warehouse fire or disaster, protect against fraudulent use of certificates.
  • By having all cancelled certificates on the database you protect investors, issuers, and the industry.
  • Help to assist law enforcement in the apprehension of criminals attempting to use cancelled certificates.
  • Please see the SEC's website for more Information on proposed cancelled certificate processing rules: http://www.sec.gov/rules/proposed/